Transforming Challenges Into Victories

Knowing what works and continually adapting to changes are vital to business development.
BACH Polymers aims to ensure the custom solutions we design for our clients will deliver sustainable results that return dividends.

Manufacturing Advisement

By reverse engineering plastics products, BACH can determine manufacturers’ most efficient feedstock options. We will review the unique specifications of your commodity and craft the appropriate ingredient mixture for the most quality product. Our suggestions are cost-effective, inventive, and credible alternatives, carefully selected using our extensive product knowledge.

We consider all relevant factors when crafting custom solutions, not only grade specifications but material markets, current trade patterns, and global financial conditions. Our knowledgeable representatives will advise on combinations often overlooked by our competitors.

Full-accountability reporting is a part of every implemented project.

Recycling Programs

Genuinely successful, long-term recycling programs require proper planning and measurement. BACH Polymers offers clients expert consultation services to prepare, initiate and track recycling programs that meet their needs.

We have developed high-volume programs for some of the largest companies in the industry, offering dedicated contracts and supply agreements managed by reliable, personable representatives. Companies trust our experts’ solutions because we have a track record of consistent, dependable service.

• On-site recycling and waste audits
• Return-on-investment (ROI) analysis
• Waste reduction recommendations