A Strong Foundation

BACH Polymers was created in 2009 as a joint venture between Canusa Hershman Recycling and founding principal Tom Bach. BACH’s history dates back to 1998, when Tom Bach started his plastic resin business career. Tom discovered he had a passion for the business and met several people who would later introduce him to Canusa Hershman. In 2004, Tom convinced his brother, Brian, to join him in the plastic resin business and started to build a team that would later become the foundation of BACH Polymers.

While the Great Recession of 2008 caused significant economic turbulence, it also caused Tom to consider his future in the business and led to an introduction to Canusa Hershman’s co-founder, Ethan Hershman. BACH and Hershman believed combining Tom’s experience with Canusa Hershman’s resources would create a platform for success and growth. On this basis, the pair laid the foundation for an agreement to start BACH Polymers, and the company was officially founded in February 2009.

Although the company started exclusively in the domestic trade of recycled resins, BACH has expanded organically into an international trader of both recycled and virgin resins. It has grown annual revenue by more than ten times since opening its doors in 2009. Today, BACH Polymers trades approximately 20 million pounds per month, with more than half of its trades in virgin resins sourced from some of the world’s largest manufacturers. BACH’s experience and resources have established it as a premier independent trader of plastic resins. It is poised to continue building upon its foundation of providing excellent products and services to its customers and suppliers.