Delivering Quality Results

The impressive BACH Polymers logistics department is a critical support service for their quality products. We work with some of the largest names in logistics and maintain a resource list of hundreds of service providers and dozens of them as dedicated contracts.

Our expert logistics team coordinates order fulfillment through each supply chain step, from inventory management to warehousing to transport—all on time and within budget.

An Honest Liaison

Our logistics team serves as the liaison between carriers and sales brokers, effectively multitasking through multiple orders at various stages of completion. These skilled professionals will negotiate the fairest rates, best lanes, and most reliable carriers for your job. By placing trust in BACH to handle your logistics project, you are saved from blurred communication often experienced when operating through freight brokers.

We serve as the direct contact to carriers, accurately translate all your needs, and deliver outstanding service.

Accuracy Beyond Measure

Suppliers and Customers are assured of precision reporting and pricing when doing business with BACH. Detailed systems and documentation management ensure precise weight reporting of BOLs, packing lists, and scale tickets.

Clear communication and collaborative relationships with carriers are vital to successfully carriage goods. We believe in providing an open line of communication with our accounts and can quickly inform you of status updates as they occur. Timely tracking is executed with state-of-the-art GPS monitoring systems.

BACH Polymers knows that speed, flexibility, and clarity are all essential to order fulfillment. When challenges or unforeseen circumstances arise, we are quick to act. This maneuverability means that production doesn’t have to stop or even slow.

It’s our goal to keep your business moving as usual.