Trading Finance

Decades of experience

Decades of experience have qualified us as a guide to new and used recycling and plastics manufacturing equipment. We cover all stages of the shopping experience, from research and sourcing to financing and installation.

We understand that every business need is unique and consider all variables when designing the appropriate solution.





High Performance

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Trade Financing

Lease Agreements

BA/CH can provide an affordable option for achieving recycling and manufacturing objectives through our leasing and rental programs. This lesser financial commitment allows clients the free cash flow to re-invest in alternative assets of their business. We will work with accounts to customize contract terms unique to their situation and financial needs.

A Capital Partnership

BA/CH Polymers’ affiliation with its parent company, Canusa Hershman, has provided the capital positioning needed to create long-term purchasing programs with manufacturers in such industries as food packaging, housewares, and automotive. Through that capital positioning, we have created a sizable procurement and distribution presence within the plastics industry.

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BA/CH has integrity and trust with their accounts, and the BACH promise of quality service extends to the flexible financing options offered. We understand the necessity for freed capital and know businesses cannot be expected to put all their eggs in one basket. The freedom our financing options provides allows suppliers to re-invest in the growth of their business.

We establish a solid supply-demand chain through financing, creating a mutually beneficial relationship and bettering company growth for all involved.